Sunday, 30 September 2012

Swimming pig...

Peppa was a nightmare yesterday, she was having one of her Im not staying where you put me moods, which is fine if she was smaller. However, she is rather large now, which means that when she has her temper tantrums the whole world hears about them. She not only smashed her way through her pen, but also discovered that if she run againgst the side orchard gate that springs open.

Now Peppa being loose in the orchard is a nightmare enough, but Peppa being loose in the drive is a completely different matter! Not only do you have to contend with the pig, but also the 60+ chickens that follow her! It was a complete scene of chaos, chickens everywhere, ducks going frantic as Peppa is attempting to break through their fence to get to the prize.....the pond!

Ok, her mud pit is getting small for her ever expanding arse, but leave my pond alone, it is not for you in any stretch of the imagination. Thankfully we intercepted her just as the first trotter was entering the water, with the ducks frantically flapping to try and stop this large, smelly creature from joining them. Back she went like a small child that has been caught doing something they shouldn't be.

Now the issue of the chickens who were running in every direction, like prisoners who have escaped from the POW camp were the next problem. Food wins every time, and part from a few stragglers they all followed the bucket back to the barracks. The few that thought they were being clever, soon discovered they were on the wrong side of the fence when it can to feeding time....and after sulking happily joined the other chickens.

This cat and mouse game happened four more times, thankfully the chickens were having none of it, just Peppa the rebel. Eventually I expanded her mud pit, and chained her door firmly shut with a huge chain, so she was staying put.....for the moment!


  1. Peppa and I seem to have the same problem... An ever expanding ass!
    It all sounds like a sketch from a Carry on movie. Never a dull moment :)

  2. Never a dull moment....also never any peace! lol