Saturday, 15 September 2012

Nature is strange....

Vicious Muma finally hatched, and although we waited days she only had one chick, which is incredibly odd. From a cluster of 16 eggs we expected slightly more, especially as she had 21 last time, however, it is just one of those things, which I cannot explain! When she begun to hatch we waited and waited, however, only one chick appeared. Then one day she was outside the feed room with her one chick meaning that she had abandoned the other eggs.

We rushed over to the eggs, but they were all still in one piece, which is when my heart sinks. You have to consider are they chicks, are they eggs, what do we do? On this occasion we popped them back under muma in a different location where she sat for another day, however still no chicks. At this point we resolved ourselves to the fact she wasn't going to hatch, and moved her and "Solo" to the maternity wing.

This chicken may be a bitch, but she knows her mothering skills, and I took her instinct that for whatever reason the other eggs just weren't going to hatch. When things don't quite go to plan, it is the time when my children look at me and ask 100 questions, which I just don't have the answers to. I don't know why they didn't hatch, maybe its just nature, which is an incredibly funny thing!

Solo is doing great being protected by the mum from hell, but he is a fighter and looks so small in the maternity wing. Hopefully with the wing clipping activities that is the last batch of chicks for a while, and the chickens can get back to laying eggs which is what they are supposed to be doing.

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