Saturday, 22 September 2012

Miss Thunderpussy returns...

We have had a few stressful days with the rabbits escaping and causing us a headache, so we had to build another new enclosure for them to live in. Unfortunately they displayed amazing digging abilities, and refused to stay where they were put. One of the rabbits decided that he didnt want to live in the enclosure and leapt out every day, much to the house guests amusement when they found him sat on the door mat every day waiting to come into the house.

However, Miss Thunderpussy decided that she would dig a tunnel in a similar fashion to the great escape and left the compound. We looked for her, but to be honest there is hundreds of square feet of mountain to explore, the chances of us finding her were slim. All I hoped was that she had gone off to live with a colony of wild rabbits and was running free....

Days passed and no thunderpussy, so we moved the enclosure, recaptured hoppity and made plans to replace miss TP. But amazingly she was found, by my son who was in the bottom orchard playing when he spotted miss TP casually eating mangos. I was so shocked, but also relieved as it is never nice loosing an animal.

So, Miss TP is safely back home with the other rabbits, they have a nice new enclosure with a concrete base, armed guards, and 24 hour surveillance! She was welcomed home with some bunny loving, and a big bowl of food, so lets hope she is happy and contented now.

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