Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rotten fruit

Regardless of how much we try to pick all of the fruit a proportion of it falls from the trees, often bruising and remains there going rotten. Many people think that leaving the fruit on the floor is the best idea as it helps fertilise the ground. However, you need to imagine the sickly smell of rotting fruit, combined with intense heat and then decide if leaving the fruit on the floor is a good idea.

I came up with this brilliant idea  to pick up the fruit off the floor, however, no one else seemed as enthusiastic as me, therefore, I was left to do it alone. After a while I was bored of this idea, and thought there must be a way to encourage children to pick up mouldy lemons. As I was throwing a lemon over the fence in frustration, it hit an old abandoned car in-between the fincas...I had my penny dropping moment (clunk, clunk, clunk!)

I gathered the troops, and asked them to start picking up the lemons, which was met with groans and complaints. However, this soon changed to happy faces and surprise when I told them they could throw them at the old car. My son asked how many points he got for hitting the car..err I hadn't thought that far ahead, so 5 I shouted. He then asked how many points for getting a lemon in the back broken windscreen, why cant my kids just throw the bloody lemons!

So, after the points, rules and basic concept was explained lemon throwing began, and it went very well as my children are incredibly competitive and will compete over everything. Who can eat the fastest, drink the fastest and often belch the loudest. The rotten fruit was very quickly leaving my orchard, which was great! not so good for the land outside my orchard, but hey its good for the soil isnt it?


  1. Sounds like a plan. My neighbour told me today that some rotting fruit lying around attracts butterflies. Well, that would be nice, too.

  2. Im not sure about that, as mine seems to attract flies, bugs and small children....