Monday, 24 September 2012

Time to build the ark...

Its raining...which for many people would not be a cause for celebration, however, the island needs it so badly that we are dancing in the rain. It has been a long hot summer with no rain for the last 18 months making it the driest winter since 1947. Again if you live somewhere that has rain a huge amount this would seem like heaven. However, once you live on a finca on a hot island you begin to dream of rain, and this downpour is much needed.

We are in fact experiencing the tail end of Hurricane Nadine, and altough we don't have any of the wind that goes with a hurricane, we are experiencing rain. Yesterday was hit and miss, it started to rain, but soon stopped. Facebook was alight with comments from all over the island with statements of "its raining" "its stopped" "not where I am" it does make me chuckle that regardless of where you are in the world the weather is a top topic of conversation.

The rain has now been going all night and the trees are looking fresh and rejuvenated, the ducks are loving it, the chickens not so much. Jack and Jill are sheltering under their house, and Peppa thinks the mud pit god has arrived. There is one small issue with the rain, apart from the muddy footprints that are coming through the house...I live on the other side of the barranco!

For those that don't know what the barranco is, it is a very basic form of storm drain designed to filter the water from the mountains back to the sea. Now, for all the time we have been here the dry bed has been dry allowing us to drive our car to and from our property. People have told us of tales of the barranco filling and previous occupants being stranded! Up until this point these stories didnt bother me, however, its dark, raining and I cannot see how much the barranco has filled.  I have to wait until daylight to see if I will need a boat to get my son to school. hmmmm where did I put those plans for the ark....

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