Sunday, 9 September 2012

Excitement building....

There is a definite excitement around here today, everything is up early, and ready to be cleaned, polished, and be on their best behaviour. Why, you may ask, well its because one of our older sons is arriving today! We have not seen him for over a year, which is far too long, and everyone misses him a huge amount.

People often ask me what I miss about the UK, and if there is anything I would go back for, and this answer is simple...I miss my son! You will never understand the feeling when you walk away from your child, and although he was 18 when we left, it made it no easier. Our son is amazing, and I know all parents say that about their child, but he truly is, and we miss not having him in our lives on a daily basis.

This will be the first time that he has been to casa chaos, and I know that he will fit in perfectly, as when our son comes home, it is like a missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle being returned. When we are all together, it feels complete, and as every family should be every day. So much happens over 12 months, and although we keep in constant contact, there are still gaps.

The blog will probably involve our son over the next few days, as he will feature heavily in the day to day chaos that makes our world go round, and remember if you have children cherish them, never let them out of your sight and stalk them everyday. They may may think you are weird, but they will also know that you care!!

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