Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Calm before the storm.....

Yesterday was a very calm day in Casa Chaos, so much so that I kept checking that everything was still alive. There was no disasters, escapes, or broken items, the chickens laid where they were supposed to, and the noise was kept to a minimal. Does this mean that we have broken through the wall of chaos, and are through to a calm place, or more likely this is the calm before the storm....

Talking of storms, Nadine didn't really come to much, a lot of rain one night but that was it, no week long event as we were promised which was disappointing. The trees are looking brighter, and the dust levels have subsided, however, it wont take long for the dust to return.  As we approach winter we are in unknown territory as we have no idea what winters are like here, but we are always up for a challenge.

There are loads of projects going on at the moment and whilst the to do list doesn't appear to be getting any shorter, things are slowly developing. Operation duck extension had to be put on hold as we thought it was going to rain for longer. However, as the ground is now drying this could be this weekends project, and allow the ducks some more room.

Without the daily chaos there isn't a lot to write, and although I should be pleased that I had a "normal" day Strangely I missed the chaos. I'm probably going to regret that statement, and today will be double the madness, but hey with that comes double the fun!

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