Sunday, 9 September 2012

Operation Parsnips....

Parsnips are one of those foods that you either love or hate, however, people tend to only go crazy for them at Christmas time. Alongside the dry turkey that  no one enjoys, parsnips are dumped on the plates and scrapped into the bin afterwards. This delicious vegetable is considered rare here, and the fraggles go mad when there is a wiff of parsnips anywhere on the island. They are attracted to parsnips like cats to catnip!

The parsnip is related to the carrot, which they grow and eat in huge quantities here, so why not this delicious vegetable. I am a fan of parsnips and will eat them all year round, so when I discover them here, I tell no one, and sneak back and forth to the veg shop until they are all gone. My desire for parsnips has grown, and I need them al year, so why not grow them I thought.

After contacting some friends in the UK operation parsnip has begun, I received the seeds by pigeon post, and admired them when they arrived. Gently turning the packets in my hands like a kid at Christmas with their favourite toy. Sad I know but I don't have much human contact, therefore, parsnips are exciting..

well the parsnips are in the ground, in a secret location guarded by armed guards at all times, to ensure that we have to veg thieves in the night...and now we wait. I don't usually like Christmas at all, but with the excitement of parsnips, I might just get into the whole Christmas spirit this year...

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