Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Goat Therapy.....

I can see why many people consider goats to be clowns of the animal kingdom, as they have a way of amusing me every time I grab my boots and enter their orchard. They may not have the sleek, beautiful appearance of a horse, or the speed and agility of a dog, however, they have an incredible sense of humour. If a horse is a king, the goat would be the court jester, ready to entertain at every opportunity.

The goats bounce around the orchard like "kids" full of energy and enthusiasm of every task they attempt. When they fall over, they get shake themselves off and go back to doing the exact thing which caused their fall. King of the mountain is a game that Jack and Jill play for hours, and never seem to tire, of who can reach the top and push the other off the mountain with a mock head butt.

The goats love people and attention, and will come running when they see you approach, which is very rewarding. The like to use you as a human scratching post, which can be rough now they are getting larger. Jack loves to bring his face really close to yours, starring at you with his deep brown eyes, just before belching in your face and running off, like a small child.

No matter how bad my day is, or how I am feeling spending time in the goats orchards is a fantastic way to lift my spirits and relieve stress. I love watching them having fun, with no cares in the world, other than how many mangos can Jack fit in his mouth in one go, or jills obsession with trying to climb up the trees. Therefore, if you feel stressed, or need some time away from the everyday chores of life, grab yourself a goat and enjoy some goat therapy!

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