Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Quick Sand.....

We had a major panic yesterday as Charlie went missing, and for two hours we searched for him without any luck. Unfortunately, Charlie is a wanderer and regardless of the amount of fences,walls and methods of defence we put up, he finds a way out. Being a small dog, Charlie can fit in the tiniest of holes, therefore, you have to keep an eye on him at all times. This didn't happen, which resulted in him taking him self off for a wander.

Typically when Charlie wanders he returns quickly, or when we notice he has gone we go and retrieve him from the barranco/road/neighbour. There have been many discussions about Charlie, and the fact that one day he will get hit and killed on the road, or someone will snatch him as small dogs are popular with the Spanish. Therefore, when he didn't return, these were the two scenarios which we thought had happened.

My husband was sent out on road kill duty, but there was nothing, which although I was relieved, meant he had been taken. My heart sank as I knew that although he was microchipped, if someone had taken him, they would not take him to the vet. We searched high and low for over two hours, before I decided that he was gone.

Just as I was beginning to prepare the information of a missing dog for the websites, and ringing the vet to notify them that the chip needed an alert placed on it, I thought I would have one more search. Thankfully I did as I found Charlie, looking very sorry for himself stuck in wet sand in the baranco. With the rain through the night it has made the barranco a combination of wet sand and uneven ground.

As Charlie had made his bid for freedom his little legs had got stuck in the wet sand, and unable to move he begun to sink. The more he struggled the more he sank, until he had got himself firmly wedged in the sand, with only his head poking out. When I saw him my emotions went from anger, to relief to loud laughing as he did look incredibly funny. I pulled him out, took him home and told him off in-between laughing at him. Lets hope that stops the wandering for a while.

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