Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Teaching a pig new tricks.....

My son loves YouTube, which I am never sure if that is a good thing or not, as he spends hours on there watching videos. However, in his defence it is usually videos about star wars or Lego, and how to build a zombie colony from numerous plastic bricks. Another favourite subject of his is to look up rabbit toys, games for ducks, or as eh did the other day how to teach a pig tricks.

I don't have the same relationship with peppa as the kids do, and they see her as a play thing, where as I see her as bacon. Don't get me wrong my son is fine with the thought of Peppa being in the freezer by Christmas, however, they are convinced that she can be taught like a dog. This I am really sceptical about, and think that she is simply a lump of lard.

The kids begun by teaching her to sit and then lay down, which is all encouraged by food, however, my sons mission was to teach the fat lump to roll over. Which is a monumental task in itself given her size, however, she just about manges it encouraged by the thought of lettuce. Yes she is yet another animal that goes into a frenzy when she sees lettuce.

My son is incredibly proud of the fact that he can get the pig to perform like a circus poodle, however, as I keep saying on a daily basis, we are not keeping Peppa regardless of what tricks she can perform, and how cute she looks when she is laid on the floor waiting for him to scratch her belly. However, when she is laid on the floor, she is distracted and not trying to smash her way out of the pen, I wonder if he would move into her pen for the next three months...hmmmm

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