Monday, 3 September 2012

Alcohol and animals.....

I learnt yet another vital lesson over the last few days that alcohol and animals simply do not I have a hangover, and every animals seems to sense this and wants to cause me an even bigger headache than usual. I can deal with the chaos, which is produced her every day just about when I have a clear head, however, today it isn't going to happen.

We were invited out last night which doesn't happen that often as I don't play well with other humans as my husband puts it, however, we embraced the invite and went out for something to eat and a glass or two of vino. Unfortunately, away from the chaos, the vino flowed too freely and a glass or two turned into three bottles. The quantity is not so much an issue, as the getting up the next morning, which I have struggled to do today.

As I raised my head off the pillow later than normal the cats and dogs were staring at me with a disproving look, indicating that they did not approved of my time keeping. Every noise, squawk and squeal today seems to be louder than normal, and I am praying for a peaceful, non eventful day. However, this is never going to happen, but I can hope!!! I just want one day where I don't hear:

  • The pig/goat.chickens/rabbit/dog is out
  • The fence/wall/pond/coop/pens are broken 
  • That anything is dead/injured or in need of me moving
  • That anything needs cutting/pruning/picking or planting
In fact I just want a normal day, where I can drink coffee, watch crap TV and quietly die in a corner....and for the person who just text me asking where the blog is today, and why it is late, I am getting there...just slower....

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