Sunday, 16 September 2012

New Battery's......

After the success of rescuing the last set of batterys and the fact that their feathers are now growing back, and none have died, I thought it was about time we did the same again. After many weeks of negotiating with the chicken man, haggling over the price, and trying to arrange collecting them whilst having guests here, the day had arrived.

My son had kindly offered to go with his sister to the "dodgy" area and collect the chickens. This caused much amusement as he had a hire car, I wonder if that was in the terms and conditions...1, do not drive off road...2, drive sensibly...3, do not transport chickens in hire car!! I also warned him that he was not to leave the car unlocked, or parked in one position for too long, or the local people would strip it bare.

So, off they went with promises of better chickens, prettier chickens and chickens that were the best. After last time my feeling was they could get no worse unless they were dead! My daughter text me whilst at the chicken mans hideout, which is a bit like the batcave but less glamorous. She informed me that the chickens appeared to have feathers...she also sent me photos of the "other" area of the chickencave, which held all the other animals.

We were told they were on route back to us, there were 4 boxes this time, all neatly packed with my new chickens. They were taken to the orchard and emptied onto the floor, and immediately you could tell that these were far better, they had feathers for a start. They had also had their beaks clipped, which indicated that they were on route to the battery factory, rather than leaving there.

This set of batterys are far more confident, they have no fear of twigs or leaves, and fit in well here in casa chaos. They do not know how lucky they are, as we saved them on their journey to hell and allowed them some time to be a chicken, rather than an egg producing machine, lets hope I am rewarded with lots of eggs.

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