Friday, 7 September 2012

Max update....

Max is fantastic, I know I am bias as he is our super pup, but he is great, and we cannot imagine life without him! As far as pups go, Max is incredibly good, and well behaved, he hasn't decided to chew through the furniture, or cause havoc when we are out. Don't get me wrong he is boisterous, playful and chews my feet when I first get up, but on the whole he is brilliant.

Like any puppy, Max loves anything that moves, and considers every animal to be his personal chew toy!  Which is fine, however, there are some animals, which dont take kindly to him hanging from around their necks! Jack being one, and will happily butt Max out of the orchard when he comes to play. Max has worked out that if he hangs from Jacks horns, he can be swung around like a rag doll. What might look painful to everyone else, Max finds fantastic, and returns for more, time and time again.

We think that Max's mum was a Labrador/retriever type, as he has fantastic skills when it comes to bringing me birds, as he proved the other day. Both dogs always come in the orchards when we are in there, and although Max is wary of the bigger chickens, the "10" who have recently been let out of the maternity wing are fun, as they run and flap, whilst squawking loudly, perfect attraction for a boisterous pup!

Max decided that one of the "10" needed bringing to me, so he happily grabbed one, placed it in his mouth and bounded across the orchard like an expert retriever! He didn't harm it, bite it or scar it, he did however, scare the s**t out of the poor bird, that was stunned when Max dropped it at my feet, Max had no idea he had done anything wrong, as he sat wagging his tail, proudly looking at the bird he had brought me, hmmmm might have to work on the "what Max can pick up skills"....

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