Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Lizards are a creature that we see quite often here, whether they be sunbathing on a rock, or climbing up the outside of the house being stalked by cats! They range in size from very small, colourful blue lizards to larger dinosaurs, that terrify everyone. Sometimes they come in the house, which is never good as they have to battle with the cats and an excited puppy.

Some months ago I sent Mr E a photo of a lizard attacking my daughters shoe (yes whilst on her foot) and he informed me that if he ever saw one he would..just DIE!!! Well up until last night he had been fortunate and Mr E and our scaly friends paths had not crossed. However, in typical casa chaos style he was never going to get away with not seeing one.

So, last night Mr E popped off to have a shower, and within minutes this high pitched screaming/cackling/snorting noise was being heard. Although I was curious to know what it was I was slightly afraid that he would have no clothes on so Mrs C was dispatched to see what the noise was about. After several more strange noises, and some heavy footed running across the terrace, the noise stopped.

Mrs C returned and explained that Mr E had encountered his first lizard, and "claimed" that a HUGE lizard had run down the back of the suitcase, and she had to go and find it. Earlier in the day we had a discussion on how large 7 inches was, therefore, she knew that his claims of HUGE were likely to be wrong.

Mrs C found the lizard and discovered that in typical man style his measurements were wrong, as she released the small, terrified lizard back into the wild. Mr E continued onto his shower not realising that lizards always go out in pairs, and Mrs C probably found the smaller of the two, lizards can survive in the hold of an aircraft can't they?

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