Saturday, 8 September 2012

Finally she is hatching...

Vicious Muma has already had one batch of chicks this year, but she is a very determined chicken, and even after her wings were clipped, she climbed and fell onto the other side of the fence, so that she could sit on her eggs. In typical feral chicken style this stupid chicken decided to lay her batch of eggs in the furrow. When the furrow man turned up the other day to maintain the system, we enquired when they were letting the water go, and he said any day.

This meant that it was a race against time, regarding how quickly she would hatch, and the water being released, and washing all her hard work away. What feels like an eternity, and thankfully delays on the water system, she has begun to hatch....However, as with everything here, she seems to have only hatched one egg. This is really unusual as the last batch she had there were 16 chicks, however, we have one!

I have decided to leave her a few more days, however, with the ever impending threat of the water, she will need to be moved as soon as we can. This will be a challenge in itself as she isn't called vicious muma for nothing. She is the chicken that guards her babies with her life, and that you need the magic rake to enter the maternity wing when she is in there. I have never seen a chicken karate chop the air before, however, vicious muma manages it will style....

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  1. Do I need to recall the magic rake handler from the mountain and tell him its time to herd chickens?