Sunday, 30 September 2012

Why I do what I do.....

One of the most heard statements from people I come into contact with is "oh it all sounds so idyllic  when they hear where I live, which amazes me as does the name Casa chaos not give you an indication of my life. I think people have this image in their heads of a cross between little house on the Prairie and Emmerdale Farm. Trust me it is neither and it is incredibly hard work every single day, however, there are some moments within the chaos that make it pleasurable.

One of the reasons I love it so much, is that the possibilities are endless, however, with those possibilities comes decisions. Some people consider me to be crazy, which I am slightly, but I am also practical, therefore, this finca has to make money. Therefore, many of my decisions have to come from a business prospective. I know we will never get rich from Casa choas, however breaking even would be nice!

People often refer to all of our animals as pets, which is the first wrong statement as many are not pets, and have to earn a living whilst they are here. We love them, feed them, name them and treat them well however, in return I expect them to serve their purpose. I think this is the difference between business owners, and people who keep animals as pets.

I do have a heart, although it is well hidden, therefore, it is difficult to say no, when people keep trying to give me all their abandoned animals. However, I have to remain practical, and at the moment I feel we are to the limit of what we need at Casa Chaos. People looked shocked when I tell them that Peppa will be going in November, and that Jack and Jill are here to produce babies to sell and eat. That the chickens will be dealt with when they no longer lay and that the cockerels will be culled soon.

That is farm life, and I am not an animal sanctuary, I am a working farm that needs to pay the bills and never want to let my heart lead us to bankruptcy. So is it all about the far from it, it is that feeling when you can walk through the orchard and pick your own fruit, or when you go to collect the eggs and there is a bounty. Those small things in life are free, and can make a huge difference to your day.

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