Sunday, 23 September 2012


Growing up my grandparents had stunning gardens, beautiful flowers, and vegetable patches to envy. Therefore, I believed that If I took nothing else from the Gene pool I would take the ability to grow plants, oh how wrong I was! Growing a garden is very similar to raising children, there is more than one way to get it right, and many ways to get it wrong.

My garden always starts of well, unfortunately after a short period of time it often shows severe signs of parental neglect. How I raised four children without killing them I do not know! I need to take control of the gardening situation, and focus more time and energy into getting it right. However, the main problem to that is I have neither time or energy!

Gardening is all about timing, and knowing when to plant things, this is an issue as I work full time, and often forget what day we are on let alone what month. The thought of trying to work out if I should be planting carrots or potatoes fills me with dread. In my defence the relentless heat this summer has not helped, and many of my attempts have been destroyed by mother nature.

I always have huge plans for the garden, and romantic images of beautiful flower beds and tasty vegetable patches. I have now learnt that simplicity is best, and starting small might actually gain results. I was speaking to A Spanish guy the other day who has the most amazing range of vegetables and he told me that I need to be more relaxed, go with the flow and embrace the chaos. Wise words as always, however, if I embrace the chaos much more I may become as crazy as everyone else here in casa chaos.

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