Saturday, 29 September 2012

I'm famous....

I enjoy writing the blog and begun when my life changed and I wanted to document everything that happens here in Casa chaos. Some people ask if writing it is a chore, and that confuses me, as surely anything you enjoy is never a chore! Other people question how I have the time to write the blog, again it takes very little time, as I am simply writing what happens on a day to day basis.

The support and amazing messages that I receive are incredible, and I didn't realise that the mad ramblings of a crazy lady in her mad world, would attract such attention. However  it seems i have caused a stir, and even the local papers want to get involved. The Canary News approached me and asked if I would allow them to publish the blog, with some ground rules in place I could see no problem.

Therefore, you can now read about me here in my blog, and in Canary news which is rather good, and even I am shocked to see it in full page spread. My Dad always knew I would be in the paper, however  he was concerned it would be in the most wanted section! I do feel a sense of pride, and amazement that people enjoy the blog, and will continue to write it as I'm sure the chaos will get larger and larger, as my quiet day the other day was short lived!


  1. Ahhhhh I know carried the Olympic torch and is fabulous, and the other climbed a small hill called Kilimanjaro and survived..although he didn't bring me back a Geee-rafff...fewmin!