Thursday, 13 September 2012

Miss ThunderPussy

Miss ThunderPussy has arrived and there is a buzz of excitement around the finca, you may be wondering who she is, and for those not on Facebook, she is of course our new female rabbit. We have been asked many times about bunny farming, and it was never something that I had considered until a Spanish man gave me the breakdown of potential earnings. Don't get me wrong it isn't all about the money, however, it does help pay the bills.

We have three very randy rabbits, therefore, Miss TP was never going to be lacking male attention. I did research rabbit farming before we got Miss TP, and was surprised at many of the things I discovered. Firstly I didn't know that rabbits are awful mothers who will eat their young, like something out of a horror movie. Also if they do not like their male companion, they will rip their crown jewels off with their teeth. This I can relate to and can think of several men that deserve this, just not using my teeth.

You may be wondering about the name, this has nothing to do with me, although I do happen to like the name. Mr E was given the privilege of being able to name the new rabbit, and after much debate, well actually no he got very excited, shouted GLORIA and then diverted to Miss ThunderPussy. I didn't ask his methods of choosing names, however, I do hope he spends more time on his children's names in the future.

So, Miss TP is home, and in her new sexual boudoir, however, Hoppity is not overly sure of what she is, or why she is there. There is a lot of movement, but I think that is where he is running for his life, and trying to get away from her, I might have to Google later and see the courtship rituals of bunnies, but for now she is thumping her feet on the floor looking dominating, and he looks terrified...reminds me of a few relationships I know!

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