Thursday, 20 September 2012

Operation duck pond and extension

I am beginning to feel that I spend most of my time walking round in circles repairing things that have been broken. When the duck house and pond were first built, we never imagined how big the ducks would grow to, and now we have three large ducks and Jessica the monster duck. We keep eyeing her up and deciding how many duck pancakes she would make, honestly she is HUGE!!!

People even comment when they arrive, with oh wow ducks, oh my god look at the size of that duck!! therefore, our compact and bijou duck house no longer can accommodate the ducks. We think this is why Lucy has stopped laying, therefore, a duck extension needs to be built sooner rather than later. I not talking a mansion here, just something that can be built on the side of the house to accommodate all of the ducks.

The duck pond also needs replacing as Billy has decided that chewing through the liner again is a fantastic idea!! So, this weekend I can see operation duck pond commencing which is a horrible job, but someone has to do it!! As my helpers have now left, to go back to the cold UK, with big smiles on their faces pleased to escape Casa chaos, looks like the duck renovations will be left to us.

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  1. I'm never happy to leave you know that! You've always got a piece of my heart over there xx