Saturday, 1 September 2012


I write many articles about composting and knew that a state of the art, super, duper compost bin was going to have to be constructed...It would save the never ending debates of what to do with the old bedding  garden waste and fruit. Unfortunately, compost piles, go hand in hand with slimly insects that love the moist, humid conditions.

My compost pile plans were progressing nicely, and then the debate of where to place it begun. It had to be not too far away, as small people do not like walking any distance to complete any tasks! However, not too close to the house as there is a change in this heat it would smell. Now, I know they say compost heaps don't smell, but they do, not a pungent smell, but a mild decomposing smell.

With the compost bin built and the waste being placed inside, it had begun to compost down nicely, however, placing the waste inside is a challenge. I am convinced that there are all number of creatures living inside, which causes this feeling of dread about placing anything in there. If I get too close to the bin, I might see "them" and as we all know the things that lurk and are referred to as "them" are the worst possible nightmare!

Approaching the compost bin carefully, you have to learn to get the waste inside quickly, and without the millions of compost living flies shooting up your nose and sucking your brains out! I have pondered standing some distance away and throwing the waste, however, I am a crap shot and this would only result in me dropping it all, and having to tidy it up.

I have decided that maybe I wasn't put on this earth to compost, but I am giving it a try, and I have decided that this can be placed under the daddy job list! I love the idea of composting, and write so much about the benefits of good quality compost, however, for the moment we will continue to fill and see what happens without much effort.

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