Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monkey business

Don't worry I havnt lost the plot and bought a monkey, although that would be quite amusing and would guarantee the status of casa chaos was truly justified. However, I did visit some friends the other day and returned with a banana tree, which is amusing as I am allergic to bananas. Thankfully I know of this allergy, and have never eaten bananas, and I can touch them without turning into the elephant man.

Therefore, anyone gifting  a banana tree may seem an odd choice of gift, however, I think it is fantastic. Banana's are grown here in there thousands, and you can see the banana plantations in several different locations around the island. I may not like banana's, but my children and husband do, and there are plenty of banana recipes available.

So, as we left with the banana tree bundled into the car, I was pleased with my gift, and proudly returned home to show off the latest item. My husband has begun to puzzle how I have the ability to visit friends, and return with the strangest of things. As I got out of the car, and said grab a shovel he did wonder if I had finally killed the nosey neighbour and wanted to bury the body.

My banana tree is planted, away from the chickens, rabbits and psycho pig, nestled in a corner with the ducks, who better leave it alone or they will be ending up in orange sauce. I have no idea how to care for the tree, how long it will take to have bananas growing, or how to pick and store them, but its all fun, and that is what they invented Google for!

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