Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No Electricity....

I apologise for there being no blog yesterday, and I didn't realise so many people followed it until I received emails and messages asking where the blog was! Unfortunately we had no electricity yesterday for a huge proportion of the day, which was a huge pain. We were notified that there was to be no power all day, however, it still doesn't help when I rely so much on the power.

In casa chaos there is so much going on that if the routine gets muddled, the chaos gets worse therefore, no power caused a huge disruption. I work from home and need the Internet (yes I work as well as chase animals) so without power I went stir crazy...However, I did manage to fit in a very nice cup of coffee and a croissant in town with mrs C and  my son.

Then what to do, I did consider sitting under the light switch and pressing it every few minutes to see if the power was going to come back on, but guessed it wouldn't really help. I would love to claim that I had a full day of constructive activities, however, I didn't. After I stressed that I couldn't even have a cup of coffee, I decided that sleep was the only other option. Yes sleep is my next vital thing after coffee, and I embrace both.

After a little sleep I went to collect a kitten from the local animal charity, which is coming to join us in casa chaos. We decided to adopt another kitten to help  the rat issue, well that's the official line given to my husband, the truth is she was cute, small and had take me home eyes! Tazzy as she is known due to her behaviour like the Tasmanian devil is settling in well, and I'm sure she will soon understand the level of chaos.

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