Monday, 1 October 2012

Yes I am slightly strange...

I have never had an issue with admitting that I am strange, unique some would say, quirky is another word, however, I prefer strange.Therefore, I like to surround myself with strange people, animals and decor. I love quirky properties, and unusual things in the garden, and am always on the look out for strange items to fit in with Casa Chaos.

My garden is not attractive at the moment we spend so much time focusing on the animals, and orchards that the bit we call a garden is neglected. However, I think it is time to make an effort in this area, and have been on the look out for different items to place in the garden. One of my favourite features in the garden/drive is the chair.

You may be wondering why a chair would be amusing, however, when you notice that it is attached to a pole and is 10ft of the ground, then you may raise a smile. People walk up the drive and will often ask why we have a chair attached to the pole, "why not" is often my reply. In fact it is there because my husband thinks he is funny, and when we were clearing out the garage he found the chair, and kept asking me where to put it.

As I was typically tired and stressed I pointed towards the pole and said "over there" he took this literally and screwed it to the pole! MEN!!! however, I love the chair and want to find a table to go in front of it up the pole. On searching for other unusual items the other day, I came across some excellent Gnomes, don't all raise an eyebrow these Gnomes are excellent with machine guns!

Another item I saw the other day was a fantastic advertising cow, which I think would look brilliant sat in my drive. Well if people are going to talk about me, they might as well think I am completely mental, and this might encourage them to stay away from Casa chaos.


  1. Why no picture of the chair? You're not strange, you're unique just like my other friends xx

  2. The Gnomes are on my pigeon wish list ;-)