Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lucky the chicken

Well yesterday was another typical day in casa chaos, everything running around, lots of noise, and the usual amount of shouts of "mummmmmeeeeeeeeee". Just as things had begun to quieten down, and I was sat with a cup of coffee, I heard the screeching tone of "mummmmmmmeeeeeeeeee come quick" now at this point I always think "oh do I have to" but stupidly I do, and it always ends in me ending up somewhere that I would rather not be.

This time it was my daughter screeching, and talking really fast about chickens, reservoirs, dead animals, and water. Once I had pointed out that she needed to breathe in between words, I discovered that there was a chicken in the reservoir drowning. I enquired how one of our chickens had ended up in there, and she said that it was in fact one of the neighbours chickens.

Now any normal person would have said "oh well its his problem then", but no not me, so off I trudged with a towel, a pool skimmer and two over enthusiastic children arguing about who was getting in the murky, cold water. As soon as I reached the water, I realised that this poor chicken had been in there some time, and she needed to get out sooner rather than later before she lost the ability to tread water and drowned.

After some clever scooping we managed to get her out of the water, and wrapped her in a towel, on route back to the finca, I thought that it was going to die at any point. We popped her in a box with straw and kept changing the wet towel to attempt to dry her out as best we could. Now where to put this chicken was a debate, as we have animals everywhere, silly me, my daughters bathroom was ideal!!

My son has become very practical when it comes to animals, and decided that IF she survived he wanted to call her Lucky. I was seriously doubting that she would, but hey we had tried. The next morning I carefully opened the door to the bathroom expecting one dead chicken  but she amazed me by walking past clucking.

Knowing she couldn't live in the bathroom for ever we decided to move her to the orchard, where she would now have to contend with my hardened POW inmates. As we released her she run off without a second glance, but later she came back to the front of the orchard and seems to be settling in well. She is one "Lucky" chicken and I'm hoping that she appreciates I let my coffee get cold for her!

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