Tuesday, 23 October 2012


If you have cats you will know that they are all unique and have distinct personalities, however, until living here I didn't understand the clear differences between domestic and wild cats. Before moving to GC we didn't have cats, I didn't really like cats, and considered their habits to be annoying. However, my children nagged and nagged, and eventually we were given a small, manky looking wild kitten that had been found in a bin.

Finding kittens in bins is incredibly common, and many wild cats are poisoned leaving their young to fend for themselves. So we ended up with Thomas (original I know!) Thomas was fab, he was so unique, and didn't like the whole cuddly, sit on your lap thing, which drives me insane! Unfortunately  many people hate cats here in GC, and he was poisoned, and died.

We then went on to have a black cat, domestic one called Whiskers! he was immediately drawn to my husband who loves cats, so they were a match made in heaven  Whiskers was cool, came and went no real fuss, but did the cuddly thing. However, very soon after moving to Casa chaos he was hit on the road, we still do not understand what on earth he was doing up there!

We came to Casa Chaos with two other cats, Felix who was a rescue kitten, that I found being dragged behind a skateboard by some children, and we believe has some brain damage, or he is just incredibly dopey!! Felix is a domestic cat he loves cuddles, purrs all the time, does that annoying padding thing when you are trying to watch TV, but we love him all the same!

Yoda was another rescue from up a mountain, where his mother had been poisoned and there was an incredibly ugly little kitten sat next to her yelling at the top of its lungs. My husband brought this ugly, little, wild thing thing, and I said no more!! he took it to the local animal charity but it was closed, fate seemed to be working, and Yoda stayed. He is wild, therefore, comes and goes when he wants, rarely lets you get near him, never cuddles, and lets you know that he is in charge.

After Whiskers was killed, I wanted to replace him, and went on the search, as with all our animals it had to be just the right cat. A friend of mine was fostering kittens and had mentions that one was a monster, uncontrollable, and far more playful than all the others, Diablo seemed the perfect name and he joined the chaos!

Wild cats are difficult to home, as they are incredibly independent  and show know similarities to domestic cats at all, therefore, very few people want these cats! Therefore, when one turned up at TARA the animal charity, they knew who they could call...and Tazzy came to join the chaos....

She fits in well and is a typical wild cat, very similar to Yoda in personality and looks. We think in some bizarre twist the have to be related as we managed to get a photo of them together the other day and OMG they are alike!

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