Thursday, 18 October 2012

Duck extension finished

The duck extension is finally finished, and looks fantastic, my long suffering husband has performed miracles again on a non existent budget and some clever skills. The extension is designed to allow the ducks to get away from each other and hopefully lay eggs. However, at the moment it is where Nellie hides to escape Jessica/Justin the monster duck.

We learnt a lot of vital lessons from our first duck house building, and lost ducklings due to it not being secure enough. Therefore, the extension had to be water, rat, bomb proof which is why it took longer to build. Every side, gap and smallest crack was cemented to ensure that nothing could get in to the ducks.

The extension isn't that big, but it is adequate for the purpose it was intended, and Nellie loves it, and spends a huge amount of time in there. We are hoping that someone will decide to lay eggs in there, but as of yet nothing!

But as we are still unsure of the sex of Jessica/Justin, I may never get eggs at this rate, as we are really unsure of what sex Billy is so at the moment any eggs would be a miracle. However the extension has given them more room, which they are all loving. Now to think of the next project which will involve a hammer, nails, and some sweet smiling at the husband!

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