Sunday, 28 October 2012

Winter is here!

The clocks have gone back which always causes chaos, and people always forget that they should have done it, which is amusing. It also signifies that winter is finally here, and we won't have any more excessive heat. I know I live on a hot island, but come on there is only so much blue skies, and sunshine that a girl can take.

Therefore, to wake to rain this morning was lovely, it freshens everything up, gives the trees a well earned soaking, and reduces my water bill, so, a win win situation.  The rain here is strange as it will often rain really hard, and soak everything, but within a short space of time, be dry again. Which is what it has done this morning, rained for hours, and now has stopped, to allow the sun to poke through the clouds.

Hopefully we will have some more rain this week, which will give my oranges the boost they need, and ensure that we can begin picking soon. As with the mangos. I am no orange expert, so presume when they look like an orange, feel like an orange, and are orange they are ready! The oranges we are looking forward to as there are so many possibilities  and we all love oranges so no pig/goat/duck/chicken will be getting those!

So, with winter around the corner, and Halloween nearly is pumpkin carving, and scarecrow making day!

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