Sunday, 14 October 2012

Noise complaints

I had a complaint the other day about the noise, now I was expecting this person to moan about the children, maybe the dogs, or more likely my shouting at the children. However, they complained about the chickens! this left me speechless, which is unusual, and in disbelief that anyone could complain about the chickens.

In the UK people complain about chickens, and think that they smell, bring disease, and are not the type of animal to have in your average three bedroom semi in London. However, I live in a Finca, that if I fell over and needed assistance I could be screaming for some time before anyone found me as I live some distance from other human beings. Therefore, the fact that one of my neighbours (I use the term loosely) has decided that the noise is too loud is incredible.

In my chickens defence  they make very little noise, unless they are proudly alerting me and the whole neighbourhood to the fact they have laid an egg. This noise I would never consider to be offensive, and can think of far more irritating noises, such as dogs barking, loud music, kids playing, or annoying neighbours voices!

The cockerels do make a bit of a racket, however, it is not all day and surely a cockadoodoodo once in a while cannot be the issue. I asked the neighbour if it was the cockerels causing the "noise" problem, and he said nope, it was the clucking of the chickens!!! well I was amazed and pointed out that the chickens are there to stay, and that his hearing must be incredible. I think I will offer to buy him some ear plugs, oh and a life whilst I am at the shops!


  1. wellcome to our world ;-) we have a neighbour just like that. They like to do buildingwork on their house at 2 in the morning and then complain about me using the treadmill at 10 in the morning. ;-)

  2. Try taking him a dozen eggs occasionally. Might do wonders for his opinion of chickens.

  3. Hi BettySue, they all have chickens around here, it apparently seems mine are nosier lol