Monday, 29 October 2012

Careful what you wish for!

All summer I have gone on and on about rain, how we need some, that it would be fantastic to have some, however, now we have some, can it stop now! Yesterday the rain started in the morning, it was brilliant, it felt fresher, cooler, and the trees were dancing in the rain. within two hours of the continuous rain, I was beginning to grumble, as it got colder, darker, and everything was wet!

It then rained for 12 solid hours, and I very quickly remembered why I lived in the sun, as everything turned to mud, sludge and was leaking. Casa chaos is an old house, therefore, when it rains, things aren't so water tight, and there are leaks. The outside furniture got soaked, the terraces flooded, and the animals all attempted to hide under shelters.

The ducks loved the rain, and were staring at everything with puzzled looks to question why we were all complaining, as they danced in the puddles, and swam round in new ponds that were quickly appearing. I however, remained in the house as the rain got heavier, and thoughts of getting very wet when it came to feed everything loomed.

We just are not designed for rain, the chickens have no where to hide, the boxes for the chicks have wholes in them, and the whole area fills like a swimming pool, but hey we needed the rain. Spending the afternoon up to my ankles in mud, and trying to figure out how I would feed everything without the food getting washed away, I returned to the safety of my dry house.

This did not improve my mood as the dogs, cats and humans had walked muddy footprints through the house!! Yeah we needed the rain, but I'm hoping that was it, for a while, although when I got up this morning it looks as if there may be more on the way!

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