Saturday, 13 October 2012

Goat noises

When I wake in the morning, I love the fact that nothing else is awake and I can have at least 30 minutes of pure, indulgent silence. I log in, check emails, browse Noseybook (Facebook) and drink coffee....bliss...However, as I sat here this morning, drinking my coffee, enjoying my quiet time, with no sounds at all I suddenly heard the strangest of noises.

It was one of those noises that you stop, listen and ponder what the hell it is, and I had never heard it before. Like any mother I am tuned in to every noise, and can distinguish  between a chick in distress, and a hungry duck. But this mornings noise was strange, loud, and was going to involve me leaving my coffee.

After a few more minutes there was a weird flapping alongside the groaning, bleating, yodelling and I realised it was the goats and not a Chewbacca as I first thought! So, I knew I didn't have to walk far as I can see them from the safety of the house. Coffee in hand, flipflops and PJ's (thank god I sleep with something on) I moved towards the goat pen, and decided that a torch may have been better than a cup of coffee.

As I was approaching the pen the flapping, yodelling, gargling noise got louder, and I begun to consider if the goats may be choking (jack had an issue with a mango once) and that my daughter is far better at sticking her hands down animals throats and retrieving objects than me! Oh well I was here now, but no choking was occurring  nothing in fact, they both were stood staring at me, as if to say "what the hell are you doing stood there"

So, off I went back to the safety of the office, and yep you guessed it I Googled weird goat noises, I am curious if one day Google will reply with WTF go away! but no in good Google fashion it didn't let me down, and there were many people asking the same question. Thank god for experienced goat farmers out there that knew that the flapping noise was in fact Jacks tongue, and the yodelling, was his mating call to Jill....of course that would have been my next guess after Chewbacca!

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