Thursday, 4 October 2012


Max had to go the vet yesterday for his next set of puppy jabs, which was  no big deal, and he is very good in the car and in the vets. We like the vet and his English is typically very good, so between a mix of Spanish, English and smiles we can get through a consultation. However, something got lost in Translation....

When we arrived the vet recognised Max, as he had seen the set of puppies when they were first brought in, and commented how big he was now. I mentioned that he looks odd as he has one ear that sticks up, and one ear that flops down, making him look rather cute. With this the vet said to pop him up on the table and he would sort it out. I didn't catch the last bit, so enthusiastically popped Max on the table, but was confused when the vet got the clippers out....I had never seen a dog that needed shaving for his puppy injections.

As I watched the vet shaving Max's floppy ear, I stood with my mouth open wondering what the hell he was doing, to be told he intended to tie max's ear to straighten it. At this point I got defenceless of the ear and grabbed it and covered it with my hand, WTF I never said touch his ear, I said it was quirky, floppy, and cute, not an issue to be tied and forced to be straight!

At this point the vet saw my face and apologised  as he thought I wanted the ear "corrected" and tried to convince me that Max would look better with two straight ears. I was having none of this, and gave him a look that portrayed very clearly to move away from the ear!!! He quickly gave him his jabs, apologised again and looked sorry for himself.

On the way out he asked to weigh Max, which I said wasn't necessary as I knew he was 11kg, he argued that he was less, so on the scales he went and came out at 10.10kg, the vet attempted to look smug, until I pointed out Max was 11kg until he shaved the fur off his ear!! With that I took my floppy eared dog home, and pondered why we live in a society where everything has to be perfect, and nothing can be quirky or unique!

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