Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The best time of day

When my children were smaller people used to ask me what was my favourite time of day with them, my replay was when they were asleep! the same seems to go for casa chaos. We spend all day in a rush  chasing, shouting, picking, planting, etc etc that as it gets to dusk, everything is reduced to a calm state and it all becomes enjoyable.

This is defiantly my favourite time of day, and I can often be found wandering, not rushing, but casually taking a stroll and appreciating what I have here. Everything is calm, has been fed, and nothing is having a drama which is a miracle. The animals are snoozing, and the heat has gone for the day making it enjoyable to be down in the orchards.

Some one asked me the other day why I was still here is Casa Chaos as I seem to be moaning about it all the time in the blog. This amused me as if you think I am moaning in the blog, you are reading it in the wrong way. I have a strange sense of humour, which doesn't always come across well when written, however, I am far from moaning.

There are times when I think what the hell am I doing, but I do that about loads of things, however, the majority of the time I consider myself to be extremely lucky. I live on a beautiful island, in the peace and quiet, surrounded by trees. I must admit I do enjoy living here more at the end of the day, rather than at the beginning  but what else have I got to do with my day. Other than chase pig/chickens/goats/ducks/rabbits, feed everything 10 times a day oh and work full time....

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