Monday, 22 October 2012

I don't live in a Fairytale....

I was truly shocked to come home yesterday and find three emails outlining how these followers felt disappointed  and upset by my use of the "P" word, in yesterday blog. If I had known that using the word Pasta was going to cause so much offence, I would have chosen a different word. All joking aside, is it really that offensive to use the word, penis (sorry used it again)

What struck me the most from these emails was the fact that they felt the word was unnecessary  and that whilst writing my blog I could have omitted it, or written about something else. I stated from the beginning of this journey that I wanted to write about actual events, and things that happened here in Casa Chaos. My writing style may not be to everyone's taste, however, its me! People who know me, comment that the way I write is the way I speak, therefore, honest, open and upfront.

I don't live in a fairytale, things go wrong, animals die, and events happen that are considered a bit "yucky". I would love to be able to write about fluffy chick, and perfect oranges all day, however, real life isn't like that. I want to show the ups and downs of our life, our failures as well as our triumphs, and give the followers a peek into our chaotic life.

Things go right, things go wrong, we often start something for it to end in chaos, but every step we are learning. I am having to think on my feet and learn quickly, and many times this causes amusement, and sometimes disaster. I wanted to share these moments, and be honest about it all, however  people seem to think this is wrong.

I'm not going to change the way I write this blog, and although I would hate to think that I caused offence, sorry but this is the real world, I don't make any of this stuff up, therefore, it will be graphic, dirty and occasionally funny! If you want fairy tales and happy endings, you need to read a different story...but if you stick with me you never know, there may be some happy events that will raise a chuckle or two. I don't believe in fairy tales...but, I do believe in happy endings! (oh, and unicorns)


  1. Oh, Puuuuleeeese! They are offended at Penis? What would they rather you call it???

    Look, I'm as conservative as they come; nine dc, homeschool, wear skirts all the time, church twice a week and read my Bible daily. I'm certainly not offended at discussing part of God's cool creation (even tiny squiggly parts). If I'm not offended, no one else should be either.

    Keep up the wonderful writing:-)

  2. Thank you BettySue its people like you that keep me writing :-)