Saturday, 20 October 2012

People really are stupid.....

I have always considered myself to be an intelligent person, and stupidity drives me insane, but people I come into contact with seem to excel at stupidity. It amazes me that so many people do not know where chicks come from, yes of course they know they come out of eggs, but don't get the fact that you need a rooster to assist in the process.

Another statement that amazes me is the "do you have to have a rooster for the chickens to lay eggs" again what a stupid question, of course not, chickens will lay eggs all by themselves. I get asked extremely stupid questions, by people that I have always considered to be intelligent. I have people that think all eggs have chicks in them, and that we have to check before eating.

It also amazes me that people do not put the connect between animals and the items they buy in the supermarket, I knew a child once that believed all chickens came shrink wrapped with Tesco's stamped on the wrapper. He didn't understand that the chickens were once very much alive and running around and that some people didn't buy them from the supermarket.

I came into contact with the worlds stupidest woman the other day, who does get the award for being the thickest Fraggle on this island. So, the conversation went along the lines of:

"oooo how sweet you keep chickens"
"errr yeah"
"What do you do with them, are they pets?"
" nope, they are for the eggs"
"oh do chickens like that lay eggs"
"all chickens lay eggs"
"then what do you do with the eggs"
"eat them, sell them"
"OMG you eat the eggs"
"yes, dont you eat eggs?"
"well yes!, but only from a shop, not ones that have actually come out of a chicken, that is barbaric"
"so, where do you think your shop bought eggs come from"
"from the egg factory of course, I would never eat something that came out of a animal"
"all eggs come out of chickens somewhere, yours just get packaged before you eat them"
"no they don't I get them from the Hiperdino, there are no chickens in there"

After 20 minutes of trying to get this incredibly stupid woman to acknowledge the fact that ALL eggs come from chickens, I gave up and  just pondered if they track me down on purpose to make the most incredibly stupid statements, or sadly there are people in the world that believe these things!

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