Thursday, 11 October 2012

What do chickens eat

It amazes me the amount of things that chickens eat and enjoy, to the point that they are not far off Peppa in the eat anything competition. There are several things that are harmful to chickens including avocados (thanks to the bright spark that thought they would plant a couple of trees in the top orchard) raw potato skins, and onion. However, surprisingly they can in fact eat meat, and mine love rib bones.

Everyone thinks that chickens eat corn and vegetables, however, you will be surprised what mine consume when allowed to, and it can be amusing to watch them scramble for the treats. I have been researching again (did I mention Google is god!) and that maggots are good for chickens. Therefore, the maggot hunt begun...

Now we are surrounded by water here, and there are hundreds of fishing boats so maggots must be readily available. I just had to find the place to go and purchase my maggots , one helpful fan did suggest getting some meat, leave it to decompose and voilĂ , we have maggots. this doesn't appeal to me in the slightest, but I have tracked down the local tackle shop, so I'm off there manana to buy maggots. How exciting my life has become, most people go to the mall on a Saturday, I'm going to the maggot shop!

Giving treats like everything should be done in moderation  however, I have  a plan that when I return with the maggots I intend to throw them and run. I'm hoping that Google hasn't let me down as if the chickens don't eat the maggots, I might have  a huge fly problem very soon! Will keep you posted....

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