Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The aliens are landing

Night times in casa chaos are typically calm as everything is in bed and acting as normal as they possibly can. With the nights being darker, everyone is rushing around to try and get things done before it is pitch black. You forget how dark it is in the campo, no light pollution at all, which is fantastic. However, it does mean that when strange lights appear that they are questioned.

Last night there was a lot of noise, and strange lights hovering above next doors orchard, which could only mean one thing. Either the aliens had decided to land their spaceship there, good choice, better than on my trees, or the strange Spanish man had decided that in the pitch black was the ideal time to pick fruit. Yes you guessed it, the later was the cause of the lights, noise, and general activity.

Now I know I'm no expert fruit picker, but even an uneducated person would know that picking fruit was better done in the daylight! However, my neighbour has decided that in the dark, with a cherry picker and torches is the best time to be picking his crop. I appreciate he may be busy, and that there are very little opportunities to gather his fruits...but come on in the dark!!!!

Maybe this is the prime time to be picking fruit, and I am in fact the strange one for picking mine in the daylight, when I can see what im picking, where im standing and more importantly what is stood next to me in the orchard!! you will very rarely get me in there if it is dark, as it comes across as a scene from the Blair witch project, and I do not want to be found dead next to a mango tree.

So, even if he is a genius and every farm should have fruit picking sessions through the night, I will not be joining them any time soon!

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