Thursday, 1 November 2012

The day the rain came

We were predicted a storm, the weathermen stressed, the government announced we were on red alert, and I was advised to get my car out. The rain came, a bit of wind, but nothing amazing, and still the car sat in the drive. The rain came heavier, and the storm arrived, the schools began to evacuate, which is normal here, and still the car sat in the drive.

At this point I had no real concern, yes it was raining heavily, yes the barranco was wet, but not filling at all. I was telephoned by a friend in the village, who said get your car out, or you will be stuck, and I mocked and said "its only a bit of rain, I will do it in a minute".....oh shit maybe I should have moved faster, as we heard this almighty rumble, and there it was...water....the speed, and velocity of the water was incredible, and once I had got over the amazing site, it dawned on me oh SHIT my car was still sat in the drive!
My smugness went to panic as I realised I had no way of getting my son from school, oh and getting him across our new river. A few frantic phone calls and Mrs S stepped up and offered to get it from school. Problem one solved, now onto how the hell does he cross the river safely  Unfortunately  I didn't think to pack a boat in his school bag that morning!
Some more frantic calls and it seemed there is an escape route from our finca, through the next two fincas, to the road. Off we went on operation rescue child. It was confirmed Mrs S had small child, oh wait he needs to change out of his werewolf slippers to make the journey home..ok delay over he was on route.  I must admit the support, calls and offers of help made me feel humble, so thanks guys you all know who you are.

Ok, small child home, after Mrs S spent at least 5 minutes mocking, saying didnt you get the car out...rookie mistake..yeah whatever! he enjoyed the walk home with lots of ooooo's and wow's as the water rushed past us taking everything in its path....and just as I reached the drive, I realised I didn't have a drive, oh crap, the water was rising, through the gates.

The ducks loved it, and kept peering over to see if they could leap in, thankfully they didn't. Every other animal took cover, and stayed indoors. The rain finally stopped and we just stood walking in amazement at the speed that the water came. I felt stupid that I hadn't listened, and that maybe I don't know everything! My husband couldn't get to work, which was not amusing. The water begun to drop and the storm time I might just listen to what people have to say...or buy a boat!

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