Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cat biscuit thief

Food in our house appears to vanish, whether it be chocolate, and biscuits out of my kitchen, or cat biscuits it all seems to evaporate into thin air. As a Mum I know that kids eat, eat and eat, and my two are no exception, I can go to the supermarket and within a few days all the food I have bought has been eaten. Now my kids take the odd thing they aren't supposed to, however, unless they have lost the plot, they are not eating the cat biscuits.

We keep the cat biscuits, dog biscuits and rabbit food in the kitchen in tubs, with lids, that are closed at all times. However, the cat biscuits are rapidly declining, and with my ever increasing feed store bill, I could do without that too be honest. So, I pondered the cat biscuit issue, as i have nothing better to do with my time!

Either the kids were eating them, tasty and nutritional it claims on the bag...hmmm maybe not! or something was getting into the tub, and closing the lid, which is the bit I found strange. So I waited and watched, again I have nothing better to do with my time. In fact it didn't take long to catch the cat biscuit thief, as they had become complacent and thought that no one was watching.

Just to clarify I was not sat in the kitchen under camouflage waiting for the thief, I was in there baking, when Diablo appeared. Now he often sits on the tubs that are next to the cat biscuits, so I didn't think there was anything strange i his behaviour. However, I soon realised his position had an ulterior motive as he could sit on one tub, and flip the lid of the biscuits with his paw.

Just a few quick motions and the lid was up, Diablo was in, and enjoying his breakfast. Now Tazzy being a curious, pain in the butt kitten, decided that she wanted to see what was going on, and joined Diablo in the acrobatic attempt to lean in the tub, and recover the biscuits. Unfortunately  Tazzy is far smaller and fell head first into the biscuits.

At this point she couldn't get out, but Diablo knew he had to close the lid, and back away before anyone noticed him. Therefore, he closed the lid on Tazzy and left her to face her fate alone, when she was caught with her paw in the biscuit tub. Thankfully I had witnessed the whole event, or Tazzy would have been blamed for the whole event.They say there is no honour amongst thieves, and this is so true in Casa Chaos.

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