Sunday, 25 November 2012

Escaping Jill

Jill is testing my patience at the moment, and has decided that the best game in the world is to escape, thankfully Jack is far better behaved and remains where he is in the orchard. We are not sure if Jill is escaping for food, because she can or to escape jacks advances, which appear to be morning, noon and night.

The story begins as it always does, with a small hole...from the small hole came a goat sized hole, which Jill is taking advantage of. Every time we block the hole, she makes another, and another, which she thinks is a fantastic game. We will put her back in the orchard, and around she runs, and back through another hole.

We have gone from listening to the screams of "the pigs out" to "the goats out" which is boring now. Thankfully jill doesn't go far, however, she does head straight for the orange trees, herbs and chillis, and as I battle to keep these alive at the best of times, she can really stay away!

Usually the goats are fun, and very little hassle, however, at the moment Jill is pushing her luck, and I have now got to convince my husband that he wants to spend a whole day blocking every hole, regardless of how small in the orchard....I will add it to the "to do" list, which seems to be ever growing!

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