Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pumpkin excitement

I love Halloween, and although it was a washout this year with the storm, we still had the annual pumpkin carving. There are some incredible creations available, however, we have never been that good, and tend to stick to the triangle eyes, and scary mouth. A design that is traditional, easy and enables my son to get involved with the carving process.Never going to win any awards, but causes us amusement for a couple of days.

In previous years we would simply throw the pumpkins in the bin, however, this year I know exactly who would like to try some of the pumpkins. I have no idea why anyone or thing would want to eat this slimy, stringy, sticky, seeded mess, but the chickens love it. As I place the trays down with the pumpkins all chopped up and ready to go the chickens proceed with caution.

This is something they have never seen before, and the circle the trays like sharks waiting to attack, once one picks up a stray pumpkin seed, it seems that is the key to feeding frenzy. There is chickens running around with bits of pumpkin dangling from their beaks, and clumps of orange goo being thrown around. They never cease to amaze me how quickly they can turn a dish of food into nothing.

Within minutes the pumpkins were devoured, and nothing was left of our fantastic carvings. Oh well, at least everyone got to enjoy the pumpkins this year. Roll on next year for more pumpkins, for both us and the chickens.