Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Expectant mother

I wasn't nervous when I was carrying my own children, however, I find myself panicking about Lucy and her eggs every day. We usually leave the chickens to it, until they hatch and then perform a rescue and dump them in the maternity wing, some live, some due, thankfully more are surviving. But Lucy and her eggs are special, they will be our first set of ducklings, which is exciting.

This thought is causing worry though, as I am constantly checking that her and her eggs are OK  still warm, getting fed (obviously Lucy not the eggs) however,in all fairness we don't even know if these eggs are fertile, so it could all be for nothing! But we hope that they are and that in time we will have little bundles of fluff.

For once I am Googling before the day and not after we have the ducks and are staring at  them not knowing what to do. I am hoping that with all my expert knowledge things will go smoother, and that we will be prepared. Of course I am hoping that Lucy is a good mother and that a huge amount of the mothering responsibility will be dealt with by her.

So, the countdown begins, and Lucy is settled on her eggs, which I would like to confirm that we did not  need to kill any chickens in this process. I think they simply got bored of being thrown out of the duck house 20 times a day. We think we have about another 20 days to go with Lucy and her eggs, so Christmas ducklings which is brilliant!


  1. I once heard someone saying that if you want to find out if the eggs are fertile, you should take a torch and hold it against the egg. This way you can see if anything is happening inside. Not sure if it works, but might be worth a try ;-)

  2. Yeah we tried candling some chicken eggs but to be honest we were rubbish! lol thanks for the tip though :)