Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lucy is not a happy duck...

I have never seen so many different animals want to sit on one batch of eggs before, and Lucy is not a happy duck. She has decided that she wants to sit on her eggs, which is fantastic as duckling sis something we really want. However, there are two chickens which are stalking the eggs, and at any opportunity also want to sit on the eggs.

This caused territory wars yesterday where both billy and Lucy had hold of the chicken with their beaks attempting to drag the chicken off. But she was determined they were her eggs, and she was staying put, in the end my son went and removed the chicken. The only problem is he noticed that there were two chicken eggs mixed in with the duck eggs, and before he could grab them, Lucy was sat back on her pride and joy.

I wonder what will happen if Lucy has chicks, I presume the only issue will come when she tries to teach them how to swim!! Therefore, we need to extract the chicken eggs, and contain the chickens in the orchard  which I feel is going to take a cut the escape route not the chicken! This should hopefully leave Lucy in peace to hatch her babies, and ensure that they all float when they are in the pond.

Talking of ponds, we have to replace the pond lining again as Billy has decided that this is his afternoon entertainment to peck at the pond until it leaks. Thanks Billy another job to be added to the "to do" list! which never gets any shorter. Oh to be rich and employ someone to carry out all necessary maintenance and repairs....we can all dream!

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