Sunday, 18 November 2012

Stagnant duck waste

Dirty, dirty ducks, is all I have to say! How people have ducks in their houses amazes me as they are dirty! Our pond is cherished by the ducks, to the point that Billy spends most of his time in the pond, which means he poo's in their all the time. Billy also has an obsession with the pond lining, which has become an issue as he pecks his way through it on a regular basis. We have discovered that the easiest way to clean the pond, is to remove the old lining and start again.

We have thought about other options including cementing the pond which will stop Billy eating through the lining, however, this is expensive, and not something I have the money for right now. So, a new pond liner was needed. A Spanish guy did suggest cutting his beak off, however, this I felt was a bit extreme, and maybe a step too far.

We begun the mission with enthusiasm, however, stinky duck waste is vile, and soon my youngest was finding other jobs to do, but my daughter and I got on with the task of removing the old liner. Once this was out, the ground sheet could be dried. As with every task here all the animals get involved, and soon we had the ducks, cats and dogs all watching us and getting mucky in the process.

Flippantly my husband said "why don't you dig the pond deeper since the liner is out" and in a split second of madness I considered this to be a fantastic idea, and rushed off to get shovels.

What should have been a 30 minute job, I managed to transform into a 3 hour job, but it was a good job done, as the ducks can now freely swim around the pond. Billy was first to jump in and spent the rest of the day ensuring that the water would not remain looking so clean for very long!

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