Monday, 5 November 2012

Now I understand why people buy their pork prepacked!

As the date looms for Peppa to go, there are so many things that need to be organised, I really am beginning to wish I had thought this through a little more! As with everything in Spain, it is never straightforward, and the image I had of bite sized pieces in shrink wrap, is just not going to happen. The Spanish butcher we have is experienced, knowledgeable  and confident. Therefore, I trust him, and know that he will complete a quick and effective butchering.

However, he has a list of requirements, which will need to be bought, and in place for the date, which is daunting. Again, I had a very idyllic idea that he would arrive driving a mobile kitchen, and within minutes I would have a clean, prepared, shrink wrapped pig. Hmmmm this image was quickly burst the other day, when his list involved numerous knives, rope and cleaning materials.

I have also been advised to buy a huge tarpaline, which when asking why I was reminded of the time the chicken man came and how much bigger Peppa is! oh god now I'm scared! As I prepare my list I feel like a serial killer, and am beginning to feel nervous about the whole thing. The trip to Leroy is planned to gather my tools, cleaning materials and to see what the largest piece of plastic sheeting I can buy.

Again I am incredibly confident in the butchers ability, mine however, is rapidly diminishing, and I am worried I will run and hide! Don't get me wrong this pig is going, with or without me there, and at the moment I think I might be hiding in the kitchen planning pork recipes!

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