Thursday, 8 November 2012

Goat Loving.....

All day yesterday Jack was expressing his love for Jill, in an incredibly vocal way that is a mix between a BAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH and a strange BWAHWAHBWAH (sorry goat vocals are not my strong point) which caused me to have to get up several times to check they were ok. Now Jack like all red blooded males is a determined chap and no matter how many times Jill head butted him out of the way, he kept coming back for more.

This weird noise was entertaining for a few hours, however, all day was getting boring, and Jack still wasn't getting the fact that Jill just wasn't in the mood. There were clear signs that she had no interest in any goat loving today, but Jack just kept coming back for more. How many more times did she need to head butt him, lay down with her legs firmly shut, or running away from him.

Like all men, Jack stopped his advancements when feeding time approached, and preferred to stick his head in the hay and munch away for a few hours. I hoped that this was the end of the goat loving for the day, but no Jack was fed, energised and up for round two. His odd bleating continued into the night, which is disturbing as noise travels a long way here at night, and the neighbours must have wondered what the hell we were doing.

Finally Jack stopped, I pondered whether he got his wicked way with Jill, whether she had succumbed to his advancements and given up, or whether he had sulked and stomped off to bed. Regardless of the result it was quiet, and I hoped that it stayed that way. I am thankful we only have one male goat, as the noise from a goat farm must be deafening when they all get horny!

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