Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Water..love it or hate it...

When the barranco flooded last week, and the rain came down, there was a definite divide of love and hate. Some animals loved the water, and could be found running around enjoying the water, however, others were trying to find any available dry space to hide. As for the humans, well I loved it for about 10 minutes, then my feet were wet, and my head was cold, so I sided with the hiders!

When the barranco begun to drop my son could go and go and play in the water with the dogs, but being a child no matter how many times you tell him something he does the opposite. So, when he was told only go in the shallow areas with your wellies, he decided that was no fun. being a child, he jumped straight in the water, deepest area he could find and proceeded to sink.

As the water went over his wellies, and his socks became a sponge, he did what any normal child would do, he continued to jump around with Max. Now max was with the water lovers and thought the whole watery mess was brilliant. There were sticks, and rocks, and floating things to chase, however, Charlie did not share his enthusiasm, and tried to stay on dry land.

Again, as any child would do my son decided that Charlie needed to join in the fun, therefore, one soaking wet dog was returned to me some time later. The playful water antics went on for some time, which was peaceful, until welly removal had to occur. Getting wet wellies off is never any fun, and a child moaning that his feet were wet and cold makes the task even longer!

Thankfully the water is now all gone, as wet dogs, children, cats and muddy footprints do not mix well in my house. We did have some rain the other morning, and I panicked leapt out of bed moved the car only to discover that it lasted about 10 minutes, oh well at least I was better prepared this time!

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