Sunday, 4 November 2012

Is ignorance bliss?

I'm sure there is a sign on the gate that says please only enter if you are really stupid, and test my patience! Ignorant people seem to be growing in numbers, and I wonder if it just concerning animals that they are dumb, or every subject. I must admit my tolerance level for stupid people is incredibly low, therefore, if you act stupid, or say something stupid around me I will let you know.

So, we had a visitor come to pick up us mango's which is fantastic, all sales gratefully received, however,  that does not mean that you get away with being stupid. This women did the typical, wow you have animals, real animals! errr yeah, I thought I would progress from the plastic ones. Visitors are always drawn to the ducks as they think they are cute, so off she wandered to have  a nose at the ducks. From that moment on the conversation went down hill rapidly..

"Wow you have ducks" (why do people feel the need to add wow to every sentence when they are here)
" yes four of them"
"are they going to have babies?"
"yes we are hoping for ducklings"
"wow isn't that duck big?" (you know who she is pointing to at this point)
"yes that's Jessica the monster duck" (I know her name should have been changed, but Jessica suits her in a weird sort of way!)
"She is huge!, is she going to have babies soon, is she pregnant, is that why she is so large"
"err no! ducks don't get pregnant, they lay eggs!"
"Yes I know that, but to have babies they need to be pregnant don't they?"

Why do I always have to get into a basic knowledge of animal reproduction with everyone that comes here, is it that difficult for people to learn what animals have babies, and what lay eggs! I find it hard to believe that there are a whole generation of people that honestly do not know that ducks do not get pregnant!

Anyway, I wasn't in the mood to explain any further that Jessica was in fact Justin, no she wasn't pregnant, and that this woman was incredibly stupid....So with a smile I ended the conversation with " yes, Jessica's is having babies, she is carrying at least 15 ducklings in there, that is why she is so large, lets hope for an easy birth in 9 months!

We parted company  her with her mango's pleased with herself that she now has seen a pregnant duck, and me knowing that thank god I have intelligent children!

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