Saturday, 10 November 2012

Neglecting friends.....

I have a hectic life, I had a hectic life before moving to casa chaos and now it just seems to be never ending. There simply is not enough hours in the day, to complete all of the tasks I have to on a daily basis. I find myself juggling too many balls and occasionally I drop some, and they smash! Unfortunately  the ball that gets dropped far too often is my friends.

I have some very close friends, who understand my life means I have very few spare hours, therefore, broken conversations, and days without speaking is normal. However, I feel I have let one friend down, and I feel awful. This friend is going through a time in her life that no one would want to experience, as recently her husband died. I cannot imagine this awful thing happening to me, and think that she is coping with it far better than I ever would.

This friend is super, super strong,and I think this is why I have neglected her which makes me a bad friend! I was speaking to her briefly last night in a quiet time of casa chaos, apologising AGAIN for not going round and seeing her, and that I will make the effort soon. As I keep making the same promise, I'm sure that she is tired of hearing it, and for that I am truly sorry!!

Thankfully this friend has been to casa chaos, reads the blog and understands that I REALLY do not have enough hours, but even so, that is no excuse. So, I considered that If I cant leave chaos, she could come to me for a cuppa and a chat. This seemed to be an excellent idea, and she was even happy that she would have to listen to Jack the horny goat whilst enjoying her coffee. As she said anywhere else you get offered biscuits, in casa chaos you get to listen to horny goat noises!

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